Erlend Brodal

Game Developer

I'm a Technical Artist with a passion for proceduralism and non-destructive worfklows

about me 

Rules of Robots
Indie Game

Student game. My responsibilities for the game is being lead artist

Exiles of Eternity
Multiplayer PVP

Battle Royale PvPvE developed over the span of 5 months with a team of two

The Second Ring
Student Project

Walking simulator where I was in charge of the visual development

Terrain Generator
Master Thesis

User friendly tool for terrain prototyping 

Other Game Projects

Student & personal projects


Tank Ball

First project made at my university in Copenhagen. I was in charge of all the visuals in the game

Made in Unity


Zhang Space

Zhang Space is an online space combat shooter set in a large arena where up to six players fight against each other until the last ship standing!
I was in charge of the 3D modeling, texturing and VFX development as well as UI and shaders. I was also programming some of the mechanics around the player abilities and the UI

Made in Unreal Engine



This game was made during a 48h gamejam where we won the first prize. I created the character animation system, VFX and UI

Made in Unreal Engine


Black Hawk Down

I've played a lot of Delta Force: Black Hawk Down growing up! The game includes a custom engine to develop you own mission and levels, so I would always bring new maps to LAN parties. This heavily influenced my choice of pursuing game development later, so i decided to recreate one of my favorite map in Unreal Engine 4 to show my friends. The source file for the map was in the original game folder, so I wrote a custom importer in Unreal Engine, to place all my objects in the scene. The name of the objects would match their respected 3D model, and the tool would automatically spawn it with the right rotation, position and scale with the info gathered from the source file, so the layout of the map would match exact. Created during a weekend, with marketplace and custom assets.


Vending Machine

Made during a weekend to practice optimization workflow. The mesh contains of only 825 vertices. 


Track Attack

My second game ever created and my first 3D game! I was in charge of the 3D development as well as some programming for the game

Made in Unity


Punch Line

2-4 player brawler, made with a custom engine as part of the challenge. I made the level environment and characters while working closely with the programmers to achieve our result

Made in custom engine


Ligth Bulb

Project made for the Oyfo Museum in the Netherlands while is was taking an exchange there. The game consist of 4 mini games that I was developing assets for as well as designing the gameplay

Made in Unity

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