About Me

I am a Technical 3D Artist currently living in Copenhagen. I took a Bachelor's Degree in Games and Entertainment Technology at Nord University before starting a Master at IT-University of Copenhagen, studying Game Design.

I started out specializing as a 3D artist while doing my bachelor in Steinkjer, Norway. I quickly found interest in custom tools and procedural approaches to save time doing repetitive tasks. Alongside learning programming at my University, I quickly switched over to a more technical side of art in game development.

My specialties are shader development, procedural generation, and 3D. I have experience in creating custom tools for artist for software such as Unreal Engine and Unity. I mostly work with 3D Environments, both big and small, while organizing the whole art pipeline from Sketch to Build.

I am used to work with teams of all sizes from various projects, related to both University and previous Jobs in the industry. I am also the Co-Founder of an indie company named Sharp Raccoon, where we are currently developing Rules of Robots to launch for the Nintendo Switch.


  • 3D Environment: Experience with generating large terrain and procedural generation of assets and textures.
  • 3D Development: Experienced with the whole pipeline off modelling, UV mapping, texturing, rigging and animation. 
  • Shader Development: Worked with different kinds of shaders such as foliage, terrain, VFX and post processing shaders.
  • Programming: A lot of Experience with C# in Unity & Blueprint in Unreal Engine. Also know my way around Python and JavaScript. 
Work Experience

Way AS - Software Developer - 2019 - 2020
Sharp Raccoon - Co-Founder and Technical Artist - 2020 - now


Master - Msc in Games - IT- University of Copenhagen - 2019 - 2021
Bachelor - Games and Entertainment Technology - Nord University - 2016 - 2019

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